A Short Note of Love and Thanks …


A few days ago, after talking with my parents and hers, I asked Callie if we should spend the rest of our lives together. She liked that idea very much. So I put a ring on it and the world has been spinning in the greatest way since then.

I am happy. It’s been amazing and mind-blowing and fantastic and all the other good emotions since then. I am SO happy.

I am thankful. For having such supportive and loving family and close friends. And for Callie, of course.

I am overwhelmed. The love and kind words from thousands upon thousands of people who only know me through the radio has moved me in a way that I cannot ever adequately express. Every new adventure or challenge or chapter … there you are. Pushing and supporting and helping. It’s really pretty surreal and I want you to know that I truly can feel the positive energy. I turn my face into it and open my arms and soak it all up and do my best to repay it in as many ways as I can. THANK YOU. Truly.

But most of all, I am peaceful. I am at peace knowing that not only am I exactly where I should be in this world, but that the road that got me here had purpose and meaning. The good and bad detours all directed me to this point. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I have the strength to conquer life’s ‘bumps,’ the patience and presence to enjoy the beautiful parts of the journey, and the knowledge and experience to help others along the way. Being in that place is so wonderful.

My wish is that everyone reading this has the chance to get to the same place I am, and the wisdom to know when they are there.

I promise this is the end of me being sappy for a while. It’s going to start to hurt my reputation.

Thanks again. I love you!