Things, Right Now, Are Awesome

Yesterday, I met the 10-day old son of one of my best friends for the very first time. This baby has been years in the making (literally) and to hold him and welcome him into this amazing world will be the highlight of my year. The guy does nothing but poop and nap but he’s already taught me things and that’s so incredible and I’m so lucky to know him and his awesome parents.

Saturday, I was honored to induct another one of my dear friends into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Such an honor to be asked by him to be the one to stand before his Mom and sons and family and friends and peers to summarize what makes him outstanding at what he does. I wrote four speeches before bailing and just talking from the heart and I think I did a pretty solid job.

While at that same event, I met another honoree, Jeff Foxworthy. He told me that he thinks I’m really funny. WHAT? The number one selling-comedian of all time said I make him laugh? It was a surreal, pinch-myself moment. I’m still mind-blown at that.

Friday night, I drank wine and laughed early into the morning with dear friends.

Thursday, I had a couple really positive meetings about career and business opportunities that have me excited for the future.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been training to run in a half-marathon, and have pushed myself beyond limits that I couldn’t even fathom six months ago.

I’m healthy. My parents are healthy. I have some money in the bank and no past-due accounts. My dog is the coolest. I am dating a woman who is amazing and makes me want to be a better person every day so I can be as incredible as she is.

And later this week, I’ve got awesome seats to see Paul McCartney in concert.

In short, life is really great at the moment.

I am writing this down because when I write things, I tend to remember them better. It makes a deeper imprint in my brain when I turn the thoughts into words and read them back. And I really like this moment and don’t want to forget it.

And I am posting this because I know there are a bunch of people in places that aren’t as great. And I want you to know that I’ve been there. And it sucks. And I’m sorry you are there now.

If people know what you are dealing with, they’re telling you that it will pass and that everything is a lesson and that you’ll get to the other side of this mountain stronger and more prepared for the rest of life. If you’re keeping it to yourself, you’re wondering constantly when the clouds will pass and when the hard climb up the mountain
becomes a downhill coast.

Here’s what I know, from where I stand now. The lousy parts of the journey set me up to more appreciate the great parts. I love right now as much as I do because of where I have been. Everything leads somewhere better … eventually.

I can’t tell you how to deal with your stuff and don’t want to offer another cliche as advice. But there are three things that worked for me. Maybe they’ll help you or someone you know as well?

1. Don’t be alone. Confide in a friend. ‘Stuff’ builds under pressure, and for me, just talking it through would release that pressure.

2. Be alone. Just as important as #1. Take some time just to be by yourself. No phone, TV, music, distraction. Just you and your thoughts. And let those thoughts fall wherever they like and follow them. The clearest water is the most still water. If you’re looking for answers, try to make the water as calm as you can. (If you really want to get into this, Google ‘Mindful Meditation.’)

3. Be appreciative. There will be something every single day that you can be thankful for. Force yourself to find it and speak it out loud. And don’t cheat and say ‘I’m happy to be alive’ every day. Find something new each day. Got two bags of chips from the vending machine when only one should have fallen? That counts. Found a half-off coupon so you could finally get your cars oil changed? Counts. Allergies better today than yesterday? Yup. Your kids scans came back clear? DEFINITELY. Just find something new every day. I know people who write them down, in list form, in a notebook in their night stand or on their phone. When they’re having a rough time, they read their lists.

Know this: I’ve got a ton of positive energy in my world right now, and I’m sending as much as I can out into the universe. I hope some of it finds you and makes a small part of your world better. It’s the least I can do. I feel happy and lucky and good, and I appreciate those feelings and I don’t take them for granted at all. Sharing them seems like the right thing to do.

Hope this reached someone who needed to read it today …