You Do Have Things to be Thankful for

I know a few of you might be seeing all these Thanksgiving posts about friends, family, and abundance and are thinking you have little to be thankful for. I’ve been there. It totally sucks. But you do. I promise. Know that. And it’s ok not to be feeling it today.

If that happens to be you, happy Thursday.

Life is cyclical and moves up and down. The upside of the down is that when you’re there, you have nowhere to go but up. So that’s something to think about, and maybe even be thankful for.

Personally, I’m thankful for many things. But I’m most thankful that somehow the universe has placed me in a situation where I can use my words to maybe lift up someone who is not feeling great. If that’s you, thank you for the opportunity to be here for you today.

Anyway … have a great day, whatever you want to call it.